From the Process Engineering To the Biorefinery

Example of integration of biorefinery processes

The thermochemical conversion processes of biomass are becoming very attractive, more particularly within the fields of mass balance, energy balance and within technical & economic viability, especially when integrated at the industrial level and when integrated in the already existing processes. The approach of integrating biorefinery to the already existing processes represents the main research interests of the CRIP-Biorefinery members (for more details, see the following sections: Teams, laboratories & research chairs):

  • Professor Jamal Chaouki
  • Professor Jean Paris
  • Professor Paul Stuart

An example of integrating biorefinery at the industrial level is the pulp and paper factory shown in figures 13 and 14.

bioraffinage aux pâtes & papiers

Figure no. 13: An example of integrating biorefinery processes in a pulp and paper factory


Figure no. 14 : An example of mass and energy integration at an existing pulp and paper factory, Professor Jean Paris, Poly.