CRIP Biorefinery

Facilities and equipments available at CRIP-Biorefinery

High Temperature Reactors

  • Gas-solid fluid bed
    • 20 kg/h, D=8 cm, H=2 m, T= 20°C to 800°C
  • Gas-solid turbulent fluid bed
    • D=20 cm, H=2 m, T= 20°C to 1000°C
  • Gas-solid circulating fluid bed
    • 100 kg/h, D=30 cm, H=3 m, T= 20°C to 1200°C
  • Down-flow bed
    • 100 kg/h, D=20 cm, H=3 m, T= 20°C to 1500°C

Ambient Temperature Reactors

  • Multi-phase fluid bed & Bubble column
    • (D=30 cm, H=3 m), (D=10 cm, H=2 m)
  • Circulating fluid bed
    • D=15 cm, H=2.5 m
  • Spouted bed for drying & many mixing tanks

Reactors for catalytic and non-catalytic kinetic studies under permanent and transitional conditions: Berty reactors, Photo catalytic oxidation, hydrogenation reactors, micro reactors, Reverse flow fixed bed.

Specialized Hydrodynamic Measurements

  • Radioactive Particle Tracking
  • Fiber Optic Probes (20 à 1000°C)
  • Gamma Ray Tomography

Various Analytical Equipments: ERT, TGA, etc

NSERC Design Chair Laboratory including advanced software capability for product and process analysis.

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