CRIP Biorefinery

Reseach Team

Among the persons in charge of laboratories of research at the Ecole Polytechnique of Montréal and members of the CRIP-Biorefinery:

Professeur Jamal Chaouki
Director of the CRIP-Biorefinery and in charge of the following research areas:

  • Developing processes at high temperatures and high pressures
  • Gas/Liquid/Solid mixing design
  • Multiple phases reactor design of fluid beds & bubbling columns
  • Biorefinery and Thermo-Chemical conversion of biomass through gasification and combustion

Professor Jean Paris
Responsible of the following research areas:

  • Integrating Biorefinery to the pulp and paper production units
  • Impacts of mass and energy integration of Biorefinery processes to the pulp and paper factories
  • Integrated analysis and simulation of pulp and paper processes (steady and dynamic states)
  • Modeling of pulp and paper operations

Professor Paul Stuart
Member of the TAPPI association "Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry", and responsible of the following research areas related to the pulp and paper industries and natural resources:

  • Feedstock management in pulp and paper industries
  • Integration and conception of biorefinery processes
  • Study of the technical & economic viabilities
  • Life cycle assessment and Energy analysis on the biorefinery processes
  • Real-time modeling and optimization of processes and dynamic simulation
  • Effluent treatment and waste management by biological drying of mixed industrial waste

Professor Mario Jolicoeur
Head of the BioP2 research unit (biotechnology and pharmaceuticals):

  • R&D of new processes and technologiesits
  • Development and customization of new processes and technologies
  • Technical consulting on process improvement and risk assessments
  • Develop BioP2 rerseach activites

Professor Robert Legros
Member of the BioP2 group:

  • Separation, drying, and purification processes
  • Pharmaceutical engineering
  • Powder technology
  • Engineering environmental and biotechnological processes

Professor Louis Fradette
Member of URPEI:

  • Separation and purification processes
  • Engineering environmental and biotechnological process
  • Multi-phase systems in process engineering
  • Agitation-mixing in complex and multi-phase media
  • Process Conception and development
  • Energy recovery by Heat pumps

Professor Michel Perrier
Member of GERAD (Decision Analysis studies and research group):

  • Techniques for process optimization (focus on pulp and paper)
  • Modeling, online control and optimization
  • Chemical and biochemical reactors

Professor François Bertrand
Member of CREPEC and UPREI, Centre de recherche en plasturgie et composites (CREPEC) & Groupe URPEI:

  • Physical and numerical modelling of multi-phase systems for process engineering applications
  • Dynamics of agitation and mixing
  • Dynamics of paper bedding

Professor Grégory Patience
Member of CREPEC and UPREI, Centre de recherche en plasturgie et composites (CREPEC) & Groupe URPEI:

  • Catalysis (partial oxidation of hydrocarbons)
  • Gas-solid fluidization
  • Process design and economic analyses
  • Design of chemical reactors
  • Scaling-Up of systems

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