CRIP Biorefinery

Future development and research axis at CRIP-Biorefinery

Professor Jamal Chaouki
(Thermaochemical conversion of biomass Project)

  • Oil combustion in a fluidized bed (Sasol-KBR-Grace)
  • Natural gas combustion in a fluidized bed (OCP)
  • Aluminium industries residues combustion (Poly-solution)
  • Tire Pyrolysis (Ecolomondo)
  • Wood residues and agricultural waste Pyrolysis (Micowave and conventional)
  • Residues Gasification (Biothermica)

Professeur Jean Paris
(Chemical/Biochemical conversion of biomass Project)

  • Biorefinery processes integration to pulp & paper existing plants
  • Mass & energy analysis of units integrated to pulp and paper plants

Professor Paul Stuart
(Chemical/Biochemical conversion of biomass Project)

  • Feedstock Management for the Forest Biorefinery (NSERC Forest Initiative)
  • Engineering system for forest Biorefinery

Professor Mario Jolicoeur
(Chemical/Biochemical conversion of biomass)

Professor Robert Legros
(Chemical/Biochemical conversion of biomass)

  • Drying processes intensification
  • Biomass pre-treatment processes
  • Separation process adapted to Biorefinery products
  • Biorefinery processes integration
  • Bioconversion of biomass procedures: Fermentation and composting

Professor Louis Fradette
(Chemical/Biochemical conversion of biomass)

  • Thermal machines
  • Heat pump
  • Low temperature energy valorization

Professor Michel Perrier
(Chemical/Biochemical conversion of biomass)

  • Electricty or hydrogene production from microbial fuel cell

Professor François Bertrand
(Chemical conversion of Biomass)

Professor Grégory Patience
(Thermo-chemical conversion of biomass)

  • H2 production for H2O2 in small quantity (For pulp and paper whitening)
  • Acrolein / Acrylic acid production from Glycerol

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