CRIP-Biorefinery is a multi-disciplinary university research center gathering 9 research laboratories. The multi-disciplinarily of this center contributes to promote the research development in the Biorefinery area. Our professors have a varied range of expertises:

Professor J. Chaouki High temperature & pressure processes & biorefineries: pyrolysis, combustion & gasification development
Professor J. Paris Biorefinery processes integration to pulp & paper existing plants; mass & energy analysis of units integrated to pulp and paper plants
Professor P. Stuart Product and process design of the sustainable biorefinery, process integration, economic feasibility, energy analysis, supply chain management, life cycle assessment
Professor M. Jolicoeur Technical consulting on operational techniques & process improvement and risk assessment studies
Professor R. Legros Environmental processes and biotechnological engineering
Professor L. Fradette Multi-phase flow in process engineering & energy upgrading (heat pumping)
Professor M. Perrier Optimization of combined processes integrated in the pulp and paper industry
Professor F. Bertrand Numerical and Physical modeling of multiphase flows with applications in process engineeringés.
Professor G. Patience Catalysis (partial oxidation of hydrocarbons, combustion)


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