Services offered

The CRIP Biorefinery counts among its members 9 multidisciplinary professors, and proposes the following services. This list is not exhaustive. The CRIP can also answer to all other projects or related Biorefinery requests:

  • To Develop an effective process management of Biomass which will accommodate customer needs and requirements, including the supply of the biomass conversion plants as well as the pulp and paper industries
  • Set up Biomass conversion technologies:
    • Densification technologies and packaging of the biomass before and after the conversion
    • Biomass conversion at high temperature & high pressure processes by means of pyrolysis, combustion & gasification processes
    • Biological conversion of the biomass while optimizing, the bioprocessing productivity, the enzyme production for decomposition of plants to complex sugars, the development of dedicated strains culture and mediums to the biofuel production
    • Modelling and simulation of Biorefinery processes
  • Study the integration of Biorefinery to the existing industries (Mass and energy integration):
    • Developing the integration of Biorefinery processes at the pulp plants (Kraft)
    • Impacts and feasibility assessment
    • Assessment of material and energy effects of this integration
  • To develop economical models and socio-economic impacts and Life cycle assessment

To better assist you and answer to your questions, please contact Dr. Aziz Chraibi, at 514-340-4711 extension 4012,

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