Windows 7

Go to : Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

Click :

For Students, server is “srv-vpn01.polymtl.ca“, for employees “vpn-emp.polymtl.ca

The VPN is created but it is not finished yet, you have to open VPN’s properties :

Uncheck “IPv6″ feature, and select “IPv4″ properties :

Click on “Advanced” and disable the default gateway :

Windows XP


Go to System Preferences -> Network

Server Address :

  • srv-vpn01.polymtl.ca (students)
  • vpn-emp.polymtl.ca (staff)

Check “Send all traffic over VPN connection” if you want to be locked to poly network, uncheck it if you want to be able to browse internet (traffic to poly network will be forwarded into the vpn)

Connect the VPN :