Special Issue on Micro fuel cells: materials and electrocatalysis
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9th International Symposium

The 9th International Symposium on New Materials and Nano-Materials for Electrochemical Systems
The XII International Congress of the Mexican Hydrogen Society

Merida, Mexico
July 8-13, 2012


This joint International Symposium continues the tradition to survey the advances made in the development of New Materials and Nano-Materials for Electrochemical Systemsand Hydrogen Technologies.
Papers dealing with the following topics will be considered:

  • AdvancedSecondaryRechargeableBatteries
  • FuelCellsandMicrobialFuelCells
  • HydrogenProductionandStorage
  • ElectrochemicalSupercapacitors
  • SolarCells
  • SystemsIntegrationandCommercialAspects
  • GeneralSession


 Host Institutes

  • Mexican Hydrogen Society

  • Yucatan Center for Scientific Research


Visit Symposium website for further information.