Laboratory mission

Developp and model new laser processes of materials
for nanotechnology and biomedical applications.
Develop new plasmonic nanostructures for biophotonic


Research activities

Femtosecond engineering: Micro/Nano processing of materials, laser pulse shaping, laser-matter interaction simulation.

Biomedical nanotechnology: Nanodrugs, gold/silver alloys nanoparticles, plasmonic and magnetic nanomaterials fabrication and characterization.

Plasmonic nanobiosensors: Nanoplasmonic, phase sensitive plasmonic biosensors, SPR microscopy, Raman spectroscopy with plasmonic amplification, gaz sensor, applications to DNA, virus and bacterial detection.

Laser nanosurgery : Laser surgery in living cell, cell transfection by laser and plasmonic enhanced transfection, theory and simulation, cancer treatment.

LP2L team, August 2014


LP2L team, December 2013


LP2L team, May 2012


LP2L team, May 2011


LP2L team, May 2010