Laboratory mission

Developp and model new laser processes of materials
for nanotechnology and biomedical applications.
Develop new plasmonic nanostructures for biophotonic


Research activities

Femtosecond engineering: Micro/Nano processing of materials, laser pulse shaping, laser-matter interaction simulation.

Biomedical nanotechnology: Nanodrugs, gold/silver alloys nanoparticles, plasmonic and magnetic nanomaterials fabrication and characterization.

Plasmonic nanobiosensors: Nanoplasmonic, phase sensitive plasmonic biosensors, SPR microscopy, Raman spectroscopy with plasmonic amplification, gaz sensor, applications to DNA, virus and bacterial detection.

Laser nanosurgery : Laser surgery in living cell, cell transfection by laser and plasmonic enhanced transfection, theory and simulation, cancer treatment.


LP2L team, March 2015

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